The Original Himalayan Cashmere

We are Jason, Sumi, and Nuraini. Having met through the exchanges of travel and hospitality, we got together to bring to you an authentically Himalayan cashmere enterprise - where cashmere is originally from, and where its sustainable artisanal production is still passed down as heritage craft within communities. 

We believe that ethical production comes from communities with an ethical way of life. 

Our Story

Feel Luscious


Get Warm


Be Timeless


It is so beautiful and soft. Thank you very much.

Kerrie S.

What delicious colours

Mary L.

Everytime I wear the green scarf I get soooo many compliments!

Karina C.

Recently purchased a scarf and am very happy with it. It is really beautiful.

Penny N.

Thanks for my beautiful scarf. I am thinking admiringly of the ladies who made it.

Alison W.