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Feel Luscious

The Ethical Cashmere scarf is luxuriously-soft and 100% cashmere.  Feels great wrapped up or letting it loose!


Get Warm

The Ethical Cashmere scarf is both lightweight and warm.  Lovingly handwoven by Himalayan artisans.  It's great for autumn to spring.


Be Ethical

100% cashmere wool from goats grazed free range in the Nepali highlands. Fairly traded with local businesses and weavers. Empowers women artisans in the Himalayas.


Buy Authentic Cashmere Scarf


What is Cashmere?

Cashmere is a 100% luxury natural fibre obtained from the cashmere goat. Sourced from goats grazed at high altitude, it is among the warmest wool fibres, which keeps you warm while remaining lightweight. Unlike fleece, cashmere is not derived from petrochemicals and is 100% natural.

Quality cashmere wool is combed from the goat during its natural spring moulting period, typically from the neck and underbelly. This gives the extreme softness of fine cashmere wool, compared with more mass-produced cashmere, which are typically shorn off the goat.