How Are We Ethical?

The Ethical Cashmere Ambition

Increasing competition from cheap, mass-farmed cashmere is placing pressure on the sustainability of traditional cashmere production.

But we believe that buyers prefer to choose affordable cashmere products that strive to be people-friendly, animal-friendly, and community-friendly. So we have established this online store to connect buyers with our traditional cashmere.

With your support, we endeavour to sustain and improve the values of traditional cashmere production.

As part of this commitment, our ambition is to double weavers’ wages by 2020, to create more free time and a better quality of life for our weavers.

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Fairly traded cashmere, freely contracted

Our business is local to the region, trading directly with local wholesalers and weavers. Our weavers weave on fairly traded wages either on a contract or a per piece basis, to their preference. Weavers negotiate their contracts independently, allowing maximum flexibility to customise terms of work.

We maintain familial, consultative style relationships with many of our longer-term weavers.

By buying an Ethical Cashmere product you would be helping small local enterprises maintain our existing community-based cashmere economy.


Empowering women & community cashmere artisans

Women are the prime weavers of cashmere in the region.

By buying an Ethical Cashmere product you are actively helping to bring financial independence to the weaver, raising the standard of living for her family and the wider community, and contributing to the empowerment of local women.  


Affirms the Himalayan way of life

Our products are hand-woven in the traditional method, and weavers are commissioned from surrounding villages. The employment is flexible and adapts to the weavers’ existing lives and free time. Weavers do not need to leave their homes to work in factories - the employment does not disrupt family life and culture.

By buying an Ethical Cashmere product you would be supporting cashmere-weaving employment that gives weavers the autonomy to manage their family and lifestyle choices.


Ethically sourced cashmere wool

We source cashmere from goats grazed in the Himalayas, which are not mass-farmed. Goats are still grazed free range in the traditional way. Unlike mass-pastured goats in China and Mongolia, cashmere goats in the Himalayas are herded in high altitude in the summer, and brought into shelter in the winter period.

The fine cashmere wool is obtained by brushing it off the goat as it naturally sheds in the moulting season.

By buying an Ethical Cashmere product you would be supporting traditional Himalayan herders instead of mass farming of cashmere goats in crowded spaces.