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Ethical Cashmere brings cashmere products online from a traditional Himalayan cashmere enterprise based in Pokhara, Nepal. We are Jason, Nuraini, and Sumi. 

Sumi comes from a line of authentic Kashmiri master weavers. Today her family own a cashmere shop in Pokhara and still produce cashmere in Kashmir, India (the origin of cashmere and the source of the most exclusive fine cashmere). Sumi is currently also in university studying for a business degree in Kashmir, while managing the supply side of Ethical Cashmere.

Jason (an English teacher) and Nuraini (an environmental scientist) came to know Sumi through travel and discovered the ethical value inherent to traditionally produced Himalayan cashmere crafts - the fibres combed from free ranging mountain herds, woven co-operatively via contracts that are kind towards rural community life.

Yet, they are sold alongside mass produced cashmere, with their story untold. 

So, we got together to open an online channel to bring Sumi’s Ethical Cashmere to new markets as an affordable and sustainable alternative to mass-produced wool and polyester fleece.

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