2023: Take Comfort Everywhere

The times continue to be volatile. We are at a tipping point for multiple things, from the natural to the artificial systems, holding our breath as we approach the apex of a curve like a juggled ball, at once hovering and spinning, wondering what comes next.

So much is new, and some old things become newly discovered. 

But at the same time, the pandemic travel restrictions have eased. Following quickly, the reunions and commerce, the collaborations and migrations, have resumed. 

I don't know about you, but my travel habits got rusty over the past three years. 

But some things remain the same. Family and friends, and the importance of people. Knowing what matters to you, and taking action. Respect and listening in a grey and greying world. We can give and take comfort from these, as we face the uncomfortable changes together. 

This 2023, we're inspired by the comfort of conviction and movement, after such a long pause. Our season picks this year are warm reds and versatile browns, ideal for whether you're comfortable with attention or in the background. Whether you're stepping out to meetings and reconnecting with networks, or embarking on trains and planes to get up to speed with the world, take the comfort of cashmere with you.

2023: Take Comfort Everywhere