2024: Luxury Is Understatement

Whether you call it 'quiet luxury' or the "old money" aesthetic, classic and timeless fashion is the trend now.

At first, the trend seems to be at odds with the uncertainty in the world - after all, the designer style of hereditary wealth seems even more out of reach. But dig a little deeper, and it isn't about that at all. It really is about re-defining what luxury means: not the opulence of the suddenly wealthy, but the understated luxury of long-term wealth. 


Perhaps there is a yearning for the stability of lineage, and the aspirational luxury of family heirlooms. Perhaps we are seeking the comfort of things that last, weary of the increasing seasons of fast and fleeting fashion. 

The "old money" look fulfils these needs, while never looking unfashionable.

Perhaps we are re-thinking what luxury means. Not in having many things, and having them more frequently. Rather, luxury is about savouring quality things, embracing classic items that aren't obvious, and thus can be savoured for longer. 

Clothing well-crafted, because you care about your wardrobe. Yet timeless, because you are busy caring about other things too. 

And you don't have to dress head to toe in luxury pieces either; you can infuse this aesthetic into your own style by simply curating a few quality pieces that matter most - like cashmere.

The effortless beauty of ethical, traditionally made cashmere fits perfectly into the "old money" aesthetic and philosophy. So this 2024, we affirm the discreet values of perpetual elegance, and the quiet luxury of evergreen pieces. Complete elevate your aesthetic with a cashmere scarf - our season picks are neutral tones and a serious blue. 

2024: Luxury Is Understatement