Autumn/Winter 2021 at Ethical Cashmere: The Simple Pleasures

This Autumn/Winter 2021, we introduce the Lilac Purple to our EVERYDAY Vibrants collection. The first purple on our store, we were inspired by flowers in neighbourhood meadows, lilac and antique roses, and the sweetness of plum blossoms and jacaranda in backyards and parks. 

Collage of images depicting purple and vermillion rows of flowers, close-up of lilac antique roses, autumn forest, and slate grey stone cottage, providing colour inspiration for Ethical Cashmere's 2021 Simple Pleasures fall season.

This is the first time we're posting about our autumn season theme. However, after last year's Emerge More Beautiful inspiration, we continued to be inspired by the collective themes around appreciating the small things of beauty that are near to us, and re-learning how to notice the simple pleasures of what is familiar, the comfort of our favourite things. And we've decided to share these thoughts with you.

We chose the Lilac as a new colour for our most popular scarf for these autumn months. The feminine floral colour evokes everything soft and ageless, reminding us of resilience and patience. 

View the Lilac EVERYDAY cashmere scarf on the store. 


Best wishes,

Nuraini, Jason & Sumi 

Autumn/Winter 2021 at Ethical Cashmere: The Simple Pleasures