Spring 2021 is Here at Ethical Cashmere!

This Spring season, we have been inspired by the efforts around the world to find equilibrium in many areas of life. From the race to net zero emissions, to the first steps towards a circular economy. From conversations about equity, to what mental health now means after workplaces around the world became used to virtual work. 

Earlier this year, we also took a step in one of these areas. We opted into Shopify's carbon neutral shipping initiative, which means your cashmere purchases are effectively carbon neutral. 

But finding a new balance can be a tricky thing. It often involves holding together opposing forces, and we fall into an illusion of duality. In seeking balance we need to recognise that divergent priorities are less like opposing forces, and more like left and right wings. And you can do much more when the two are governed together in balance. 

Mood board inspired by teal and orange themes for Ethical Cashmere's Spring 2021 season

Our scarf collection on Ethical Cashmere has inadvertently come reflect this over time. We realised this year that we have several reds, and several blues - arguably way too many of each! You wouldn't be surprised to learn that these reflect the opposing colour preferences of two of us at Ethical Cashmere. 

So this spring season, we draw from that balance of opposites. Choosing the inspiration of teal and orange, two colours opposite each other on the colour wheel, effectively a blue and a red. But with a bit of happy yellow in them, as a little something in common.

Get this look with our Vermillion EVERYDAY cashmere scarf and our Teal Blue CHIC cashmere light shawl. Perfect season colours for those of us who like a balanced wardrobe. 

Spring 2021 is Here at Ethical Cashmere!