True to Nature 2022 | See with green-tinted glasses

In this Spring 2022 season, we unveil our theme 'True to Nature' in honour of the authentic roots of Himalayan cashmere.

Mood board for Ethical Cashmere's 2022 True to Nature inspiration

It isn't an easy time for small businesses. But we draw our resilience from the sustainable nature of the traditional cashmere business.

In prosperous times or recessions, the cashmere nomads return to the mountain pastures in spring, and comb the cashmere hairs as they always do. And in the villages, the weavers go about their days, and at times work on their looms to make the beautiful shawls beloved by those of us looking for original, timeless elegance.


This season, we are also introducing a new colour for our CHIC Light Shawl, the Apple Green. It reminds us of the persistent hope of spring, of regenerating the earth. And the mountain pastures where cashmere comes from, and of course, the apple trees of Kashmir, its wild fruits still in the process of ripening to a red sweetness. 



Jason, Nuraini & Sumi

Apple green light cashmere shawl / long scarf by Ethical Cashmere




True to Nature 2022 | See with green-tinted glasses